Bio: Retired development aid consultant, evolutionary and political activist. Shamanic practitioner and Druid Initiate. Student of Old Irish. Other languages: Irish, English, French, German, Russian, Bahasa Indonesia, and Esperanto. Passionately committed to spreading information about Irish language and culture based upon Irish manuscript research and historical records.

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  1. Hello from Canada,

    I will be attending a retreat with Eimear at 3 Castles, Kilkenny in May 2016 to return to the land of my Maternal Ancestors. I am a Newfoundlander (Talamh an Éisc) and there is a wonderful history of.. scéal na nÉireannach i dTalamh an Éisc. Will you be attending?


    1. Dia dhuit, Scott!

      Delighted to hear from you. I live quite close to Kilkenny (about 1 hour away. I shall do my best to meet up there, and if not there, then we can arrange to meet. My brother worked at the University of St. Johns in Newfoundland. An bhfuil Gaeilge agat? (Do you speak Irish?). I am sure that you are aware of the strong connections between the South-East of Ireland, especially Waterford and Dunmore, and Newfoundland.

      Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year.



      1. Hello!

        I am trying to learn Irish. My great grandmother spoke Irish, but I know only a few phrases. She was a Walsh. Yes, I am quite certain of the connection between Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and the Irish Loop on Newfoundland. I know of MUN as well as I lived in St John’s. My Mam’s family live in Portugal Cove on the Irish loop. My original ancestor was a John Drohan from Dungarvan Co Waterford. Land of the Decies. He came to Nfld @ 1790. Over time, but only in Nfld, Drohan morphed into the surname Druken. I know the original Irish was O’Druachain. I will be the first of my mother’s family to return to Ireland since the 1790s. In my personal journey I have rediscovered ancestral memories. I know why I am going. I wish to place my hands into the soil of Tara, Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in the Bru na Boyne and present myself to my ancestors and tell them that I have courage, generosity and loyalty and to thank them for these gifts.


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